Monday, August 1, 2011

T-Minus 3 Weeks!!!

WELL I officially start nursing school in 3 weeks from today! Am I nervous? Yes!!! Am I excited? YES!!!!  Have I finished my reading??? NO.  I have about 300 more pages of reading to finish in these next 3 weeks! I better get to it! A good sign is that so far, the reading is all really interesting! This was a pleasant surprise in comparison to many boring hours spent reading normal Biology texts books during my undergrad! ALSO, the most exciting news to date, is that I now own two pairs of scrubs! YAY!  Unfortuently, they aren't the most flattering or fun colors.  We have to wear white tops and khaki bottoms as nursing students.  Boo.  So thats all for now! I'll keep updating once school starts! Happy reading and enjoy the rest of summer! I know I will :-)